Using world-building in a novel in order to comment on environmental issues

So I had an epiphany today, I realized that when you’re writing a book, right, you essentially have to world build. While you are world building ultimately you have an opportunity–through a concerted use of words, of syntax, of descriptions, and more–to comment on large scale environmental feelings. Atmosphere right. There’s something about environment inContinue reading “Using world-building in a novel in order to comment on environmental issues”


So, I have been working on a novel the past eight days and will be working on it for the next eight. Let me start by saying I am currently on a hiatus from a coding bootcamp in Europe that has required most of my time. I only get a 16 day break so IContinue reading “WRITING A NOVEL IN 16 DAYS?!”

My poetry collection: There was Histrionic Laughter at the Clowns Cadaver is a smash!

Writing a poetry collection is such an interesting experience. I found myself delving into memories I never thought I would revisit in order to procure emotions I did not even know I had. I was told by a friend who is a writer that when I published my book I would be incredibly surprised byContinue reading “My poetry collection: There was Histrionic Laughter at the Clowns Cadaver is a smash!”

The Place that eats East of Hampshire

Oh how I love all the rings, what beautiful shapes their vespertine shadows relate by the fire and I heard that dusty voice bellow with pre-determined choice but I tried my best not to bother for the man and his sister the wife and her mister the bird and the blister ing sky–that swallows ourContinue reading “The Place that eats East of Hampshire”

The Process of Publishing

Deciding to self-publish my poetry book was definitely an arduous one. For months I flipped back and forth, back and forth between the options in my mind. Pinballing between the possibilities until finally I realized that autonomy with my work was ultimately the thing I valued most. Poetry as of today is both a vibrant,Continue reading “The Process of Publishing”

Hey I am N. Alexsander Sidirov

Hey so I am N. Alexsander Sidirov. The N is short for Nikolai. I am writing this blog because I am in the process of self-publishing a poetry collection that I have been working on for a total of four years. I figured being transparent about the process is a great way of introducing myselfContinue reading “Hey I am N. Alexsander Sidirov”