So, I have been working on a novel the past eight days and will be working on it for the next eight. Let me start by saying I am currently on a hiatus from a coding bootcamp in Europe that has required most of my time. I only get a 16 day break so I decided that I would try and finish the entire first draft of my novel during that hiatus. So far I have 80 pages or 31,080 words. How did I manage this? Well despite having a full-time job I do get a one hour lunch break which during work days I use entirely for writing. Then on the weekends I either go to the library or a coffee shop down the street, where I sit for eight hours straight and write as much as I can. Luckily when the well runs dry I have friends who inspire me immensely and who I can bring my dead ends too, who help me figure out ways of writing around them or reimagining them completely. Since I am at the halfway mark and technically more than halfway done with the book, I am feeling really good. I had most of the plot imagined beforehand, actually years beforehand, so I don’t want to give the false impression that all of the work was done in sixteen days, all of the writing was done in sixteen days or as of now hopefully will be! I will keep you all posted and expect another blogpost in a little over a week. TTYL and STAY AMBITIOUS -N. Alexsander Sidirov

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Published by nalexsandersidirov

Russian Author and Poet living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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