It is October 25th and the time is 5:57 P.M.

I am in the process of publishing my poetry book, There was Histrionic Laughter at the Clown’s Cadaver. The final manuscript is almost entirely complete, I have to format a couple poems and adjust some things for Kindle Press. I still have not decided whether to give Kindle exclusive rights to my book for three months or try and get it to Nook as well. There are a lot of aspects of the press side of promoting your book that people do not tell you about.

In addition to all of that I am currently in a coding bootcamp in Europe so my weeks have been about 80 hour work weeks with 8 hours of class and 8 hours of work and me cramming all my publishing tasks in the lunch hours in between. Suffice to say its a bit chaotic. I definitely admit I feel overwhelmed but I know that if I keep my head down and I am able to continue to make steps to move forward it will ultimately turn out wonderfully. It always does.

Published by nalexsandersidirov

Russian Author and Poet living in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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